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              LlTANY OF SAINTS 


May 1 Joseph the Worker

May 1 Peregrine

May 2 Athanasius of Alexandria

May 3 Philip and James

May 4 Marie-Leonie Paradis

May 4 Florian

May 5 Jutta of Kulmsee (or Judith of Prussia)

May 6 Francois de Montmorency Laval

May 8 Wiro

May 8 Pope Benedict II

May 10 John of Avila

May 10 Father Damien  of Molokai (celebrated universally on this date)

May 12 Nereus and Achilleus

May 12 Pancras

May 14 Matthias the Apostle

May 14 Giles of Portugal

May 15 Isidore the Farmer

May 15 Hallvard

May 15 Dymphna

May 16 Simon Stock

May 18 Pope John I

May 19 Ivo of Kermartin

May 19 Pope Celestine V

May 19 Dunstan of Canterbury

May 20 Bernardine of Siena

May 21 Godric of Finchale

May 21 Cristobal Magallanes Jara

May 22 Rita of Cascia

May 25 Venerable Bede

May 25 Pope Gregory VII

May 25 Mary Magdelene de'Pazzi

May 25 Mary McKillop

May 26 Philip Neri

May 27 Augustine of Canterbury

May 27 Pope John I (feast moved to May 18)

May 30 Joan of Arc

May 31 Visitation of the Blessed Virgin Mary